Earn FREE rewards with your FitBit!


I was going back and forth about getting a Fitbit  I have wanted the Zip for a while but wasn't sure if I wanted to invest $60 in it and was worried I wouldn't use it.  I move everyday so it is not a matter of not being active but wasn't sure that tracking what I did was worth it.  That was until I figured out that there are a few reward apps that work with your FitBit without much effort!  I do have to tell you that a few of the apps/programs I connected my FitBit to aren't very profitable, a … [Continue]

FREE gift cards from Perk TV!


I love a great reward app!  I have been using Perk TV  for a few weeks, some days more than others.  It is very easy to earn points.  when you open the app all you need to do is … [Continue]

Viggle, the perfect reward app to earn from your favorite chair…

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 Viggle: Reward App for iDevices or Android Earn points for watching TV, movies, or listening to music Redeem for gift cards (iTunes, Old Navy, Groupon, HuluPlus,and more), … [Continue]

Make your own Gold Wrapped Chocolate Coins!

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Make your own Gold Wrapped Chocolate Coins!  I have requests for chocolate coins from my after school participants every year around St. Patrick's Day and every year my answer is … [Continue]

Save on Easter themed candy! $1 off TWO M&Ms, Snickers, Twix, or other choices!

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  Need candy for your Easter Eggs?  I do!  I will be picking up the Twix and Snickers since they will fit nicely and are individually wrapped. :)    Save $1 on TWO … [Continue]

Talking Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies app review

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It certainly isn't a secret that Niecey loves playing on tablet devices, she is also an avid baby doll, play & real kitchen user, likes "camping" & camping, loves books, … [Continue]

I am going to make my own chocolate coins! I just need a few supplies…


St. Patrick's Day is coming!  Here is something I thought of today and said to myself... "Why didn't I think of this sooner?!" Every year I complain about the price of chocolate … [Continue]

Free shipping on orders of TOMS of $65 or more from Zulily #ad

Toms Gold Sparkle

I have been a Toms fan for a long time, I love the TOMS One for One mission.  I have three pairs of Toms and they are all unique and comfy.  FYI, they are made to stretch to your … [Continue]

Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables Review #GotItFree


    I was excited to be selected to review the new Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables for being a member of BzzAgent.  I received a coupon to pick up a … [Continue]

Save .75 on TWO Suave Body Washes

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  $0.75 off any TWO (2) Suave Body Washes, Mr. Betsy is a body wash fan, I will have to stock up on his favorite scent.  It is products like these that sometimes you don't … [Continue]

AllFreePaperCrafts – Valentine’s Day Crafts eBook, there are some fun ideas and printables!


 AllFreePaperCrafts - Valentine's Day Crafts eBook   I can spend hours looking at fun crafts.  I have books of them, I still use them a lot but looking online is much … [Continue]

Fun Game: Sticker Tag


Sticker tag is always a fun game! You will need: stickers willing participants playing space without obstacles Each participant is given a designated number of stickers … [Continue]

$1 off TWO Welch’s sparkling juices

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Are you planning a special dinner for Valentine's Day? If you are you might want to print this coupon...$1.00 off 2 Welch's sparkling juice cocktail, if you want to celebrate with … [Continue]

NFL Play 60 app from the American Heart Association, FREE on iTunes


If you have  young friend or a kiddo who loves their iDevice but maybe needs a little motivation to be more active?  Chek out the NFL Play 60 app from the American Heart … [Continue]

Guilt free eBook: Grimm’s Fairy Tales


Grimm's Fairy Tales FREE as of 11:57am 2/5/14 Grimm's Fairy Tales are more "adult" than what might be expected, they are the fairy tales that we grew up with but they are not … [Continue]