FREE gift cards from Perk TV!


I love a great reward app!  I have been using Perk TV  for a few weeks, some days more than others.  It is very easy to earn points.  when you open the app all you need to do is decide if you want to watch videos or movie previews.  I switch back and forth.  You will earn 4 points for every two videos you watch.  After each video or preview a screen will pop up with a timer that counts down from 10, you can start a new video before the timer runs out or a new video will start automatically after … [Continue]

Viggle, the perfect reward app to earn from your favorite chair…

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 Viggle: Reward App for iDevices or Android Earn points for watching TV, movies, or listening to music Redeem for gift cards (iTunes, Old Navy, Groupon, HuluPlus,and more), … [Continue]

Make your own Gold Wrapped Chocolate Coins!

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Make your own Gold Wrapped Chocolate Coins!  I have requests for chocolate coins from my after school participants every year around St. Patrick's Day and every year my answer is … [Continue]

Save on Easter themed candy! $1 off TWO M&Ms, Snickers, Twix, or other choices!

Printable Coupons

  Need candy for your Easter Eggs?  I do!  I will be picking up the Twix and Snickers since they will fit nicely and are individually wrapped. :)    Save $1 on TWO … [Continue]

Talking Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies app review

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It certainly isn't a secret that Niecey loves playing on tablet devices, she is also an avid baby doll, play & real kitchen user, likes "camping" & camping, loves books, … [Continue]

I am going to make my own chocolate coins! I just need a few supplies…


St. Patrick's Day is coming!  Here is something I thought of today and said to myself... "Why didn't I think of this sooner?!" Every year I complain about the price of chocolate … [Continue]

Free shipping on orders of TOMS of $65 or more from Zulily #ad

Toms Gold Sparkle

I have been a Toms fan for a long time, I love the TOMS One for One mission.  I have three pairs of Toms and they are all unique and comfy.  FYI, they are made to stretch to your … [Continue]

Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables Review #GotItFree


    I was excited to be selected to review the new Glade Plugins Scented Oil Customizables for being a member of BzzAgent.  I received a coupon to pick up a … [Continue]

Save .75 on TWO Suave Body Washes

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  $0.75 off any TWO (2) Suave Body Washes, Mr. Betsy is a body wash fan, I will have to stock up on his favorite scent.  It is products like these that sometimes you don't … [Continue]

AllFreePaperCrafts – Valentine’s Day Crafts eBook, there are some fun ideas and printables!


 AllFreePaperCrafts - Valentine's Day Crafts eBook   I can spend hours looking at fun crafts.  I have books of them, I still use them a lot but looking online is much … [Continue]

Fun Game: Sticker Tag


Sticker tag is always a fun game! You will need: stickers willing participants playing space without obstacles Each participant is given a designated number of stickers … [Continue]

$1 off TWO Welch’s sparkling juices

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Are you planning a special dinner for Valentine's Day? If you are you might want to print this coupon...$1.00 off 2 Welch's sparkling juice cocktail, if you want to celebrate with … [Continue]

NFL Play 60 app from the American Heart Association, FREE on iTunes


If you have  young friend or a kiddo who loves their iDevice but maybe needs a little motivation to be more active?  Chek out the NFL Play 60 app from the American Heart … [Continue]

Guilt free eBook: Grimm’s Fairy Tales


Grimm's Fairy Tales FREE as of 11:57am 2/5/14 Grimm's Fairy Tales are more "adult" than what might be expected, they are the fairy tales that we grew up with but they are not … [Continue]

Starbucks VIA coupon, save $1


$1.00 off any Starbucks VIA product, there are usually 4 VIA packets in a box (sometimes 6!) this would be a great little Valentine's Day Treat!  Add a little chocolate, note (Stay … [Continue]